Messaging marketing

Messaging marketing

The most appropriate definition in marketing matters, describes it as an automated response bot that helps us to provide better attention and immediacy to the queries of users who connect to a business through the messaging of a social network.

Messaging marketing

Immediate answers

Delivering information 24 hours a day instantly every time a potential client requires it can be the factor that will help them overcome the competition and begin to achieve sales that were previously lost.

Captive users

The platforms help generate automated responses that function as receivers for incoming users, which can be used according to the established strategy. Example: Send all the captive users by messaging the promotions of the month.

Create database

The automations that are generated allow the user to request information that is saved and to use it when the strategy requires it. Example: If we request your email and phone number, these can be saved in an Excel sheet automatically. This to later be able to do telemarketing.

Segmentation by actions

Users are guided by buttons to navigate the information provided to them. These buttons can be linked to tracking tags where you can group all the users who made the same decision and use that resource according to the strategy.

Frequent customer systems

Through the generation of QRs you can record the consumption or visits of users and show some benefit for your preference.

Unique Notification Strategies

Example: When a product you are requesting is finished, a special label linked to the "Notify me" button is generated when the product is in circulation. In this way, the users who are waiting for the product can be grouped.

Connectivity and integrations

Messaging marketing platforms have the advantage of being able to connect to CRMS for monitoring. In the same way as e-commerce platforms such as shopify.

In Progressives we offer you solutions using marketing technology Messenger service.

Algorithms in Facebook

By registering activity within the messaging of the social network, a segment of users who have sent a message to the page is created. We can take advantage of this in different ways.

• Through paid advertising to be able to direct your ads to users who know that they have already sent you a message or have consumed in your establishment.

•Generate a segment of users with similar behavior to those who have already sent a message to your page or consumed in your establishment.

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