It is the way in which you are going to communicate with your customers and create content based on your values ​​and reasons for differentiation from your competitors. The way you are going to personalize your message is incredibly necessary these days as we only have a few seconds where the market can recognize you and know who you are.

We manage the strategies for your brand such as the creation of elements to help in the positive perception of consumers about it, such as:

  • Logo
  • Colors
  • Identity handbook
  • Motto
  • Designs
  • Support in registration before the IMPI
  • And more

Don't forget that a brand is not just about a visual identity or a simple logo

It is all an investigation to find out what you want to transmit, how it will be recognized, what actions would be taken in the event of a crisis, what experiences users will live, what will differentiate your brand from your competitors, among other essential and transcendental questions for your company, regardless If you are starting or need a change.

Positioning is the result of a good brand strategy, it is having achieved the privilege of being in people's minds.

The stages that we manage for the branding strategy are, mainly 3:

Determine the current position (mission, values, introspection, knowledge of the client and the competition, etc.)

Choose the desired position (needs, differences, distinctions, identification of the bases to follow, brand image, etc.)

Develop the strategy to achieve the desired position (positioning, competitive advantages, objectives, personality, what to do in an identity crisis or with clients, etc.)

Therefore, there is no good marketing without a good branding strategy to position the brand, the company; that is why it is so important long before you make a good page on social networks and on the web or add your location on Google maps.