Social Media

Social Media

Creativity, storytelling (stories that mark), thought directed at our client's client are some of the points that we take into account to create a virtuous circle in the digital communication of your company.


When we start working on a social media strategy for your business, we first capture the graphic and marketing needs to develop comprehensive content.

En primera instancia se tiene una sesión de trabajo con el cliente para que nos especifique los objetivos, beneficios y características de los servicios o productos que se buscan ofertar.


Internally, we started a process of market research under the parameters that were discussed with the client in the work session.

The investigation will have different approaches to reach a result, for example; competition, graphic line, demographics, campaigns, among other parameters that will help us create a custom route for your business.

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Presentation of content

Once the effort made by the progressive team is finished, a presentation is sent where the graphic proposal and the digital strategy.

When the client has reviewed the content and has its approval, it begins a process to be scheduled on social networks. In case of observations by the client, the content is adjusted.

Is accepted proposal

When we get to this point the content and strategy meet the client's parameters. Taking into account the axes of communication and goals of the company.

In this way, the client is considered a active account, which allows us to start 100% with the service.

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